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The Plan

To set structure and a positive learning outcome while training at home.

We have developed a planned session outline with key objectives to achieve and to learn new techniques and have them become second nature through quality training.


  • Test
  • Core skills (hitting)
  • Movement
  • Fun (challenges)

    So now we have a structure lets establish a base line for standard movement patterns that we can use to gauge improvement. This helps in motivation and goal setting with your competition at the perfect level as you are competing against yourself.




    Develop your own Circuits, one in each of these three areas, choose 5 tasks and complete them for a set time and do 5 to 10 sets

  • Core skills (hitting)
  • Movement
  • Exercise

    The Testing phase

    We have set the main areas of squash movement and a couple of base movement patterns that will give a great indication of how you are going.


    The Tests - record your time and date (20 swings)

    Complete each exercise and record the time for 20 swings.


    Stamina, balance and efficiency tasks (50 swings)

    Complete each exercise and record the time for 50 swings.


    We do not care if the cones are not set in the right place as long as they are set in the same distance when you attempt the movement each time.


    We will show you better methods to move and you will see the proven outcomes with your times.


    We believe we can help you become

    faster when you learn our quality movement techniques.



    The movement challenge

    If you don't get the cones exactly to position as shown it is ok as long as you set up the same so you can see the improvement in yourself after you improve your movement.

    At 56 years of age and not in training I managed 20 swings in 47 seconds so have a go and if you take longer than that there is a huge benefit to your game.

    And it is free


    The movement challenge part 2

    Click the link in this home series and we will take you through all aspects of movement step by step, you will love it.


    You will not find the level of imformation we provide anywhere else in the world.


    If you take the challenge and improve your time please tell others on our facebook page in the comments below the video. Something like - "It works I cut 20% off my time Wow"


    Training ideas - videos show the task and the benefits


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    Challenge yourself


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