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Match Results Log

Track match results with all your opponents and even keep notes for next time you play. Graphs and stats for match, games and points averages for competition, practice or both.


Hundreds of Individual Challenges that will find your limit no matter your standard.

View your progress and achieve Certificates for each level.


Technical skills Podcast, Animated Routines for 2 or more players and Training Games with result capability.


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We are one of the largst on line web sites in the world

Training ideas - Showing the task and the benefits

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Match results at a glance


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107 new Power Circuit training challenges for all Levels with benchmark times to achieve. Gauge your improvement over time by reviewing the results graph.

Level 7 - complete 5 sets of the circuit and record your total time

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The information contained in this app comes from over 35 years of coaching experience and is the best value training aid available to develop your skills.

45 Animated Routine Gifs


Training ideas - Showing the task and the benefits

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