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This is a critical skill that is easy if you concentrate and practice it at home.



The back backhand base swing video 1

Get it right and your options will open up for development of your swing


The back backhand base swing video 2

Racquet up and back with your body for great preparation

The back backhand base swing video 3

Your follow through is important for balance and control


Racquet up and close

Body back

Racquet circle

Body drive

Controlled balanced follow through



All exercises should be done with full balance and body control then increase the speed


The back backhand base swing video 4

Body drive not arm swing to hit the ball


The back backhand base swing video 5

Your left hand gives you balance and style


The back backhand base swing video 6

Movement to and from the ball for timing and power


Weekly video analysis ensures a quality otcome. All videos are kept as a record of improvement and a great way to look back on your development.

The video analysis is critical to player development and should be done weekly, this will ensure players time is spent wiseley to lock in good learnt movements.


Training ideas - videos show the task and the benefits

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