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Included in your premium membership but there are rules

  • Videos are accessed by code to allow them to play
  • Simply email us and we will give you the code for the first session
  • Send in your video of your swing before you start the first training session to keep a record of your improvement
  • Do the weekly session as often as you can , ideally at least 3 times per week
  • Send in a weekly video for analysis so we can track your improvement and help individual problems




    Academy outline


    Our Online Academy has supreme quality training methods and focusing on real outcomes believing that if I can give players the skills at home and they put them into practice on the court. With the current isolation concerns around the world, this will be a great way to tidy up a few skills as well.


    This is much more than just checking out the videos and having a go, I am willing to follow up personally with each of you and correct any areas I consider not to be up to scratch. This is how it will work:



  • Weekly Training videos with skills broken down with explanation
  • Weekly deliberate practice modules
  • Weekly video analysis of 4 swings
  • You work on your personal areas of improvement as well as the weekly areas of focus
  • After 6 weeks we put together your before and after outcome video
  • You can take longer than 6 weeks if you need to for any reason
  • You will progress with real skills that will prove invaluable in many aspects around the court.

    We have the base backhand and base forehand 6-week programs ready for you to enrol in. .

    We will have a progression of skills the sample session below is a Split step take off skill which is a 13 minute (should be 10 min but went over) circuit with structured moves.



    This should be fun and using a hand weight (1.5kg) you will get a hitting workout as well which will become important as we progress.


    This should be fantastic as you will progress at your own pace and learn some seriously good stuff along the way.


    I believe this could be the best stuff I have ever done with the potential to have a major impact on your game.




    This is part of the Premium Members site area.

    Training culture is very important - Set higher standards than your opponents


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