Individual hitting skills

When attempting skills you should have 5 attempts and record your best result

Level-1 Level-2 Level-3

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Level-4 Level-5 Level-6 Level-7 Level-8 Level-9 Level-10


Level 1


No.1 Level 1 - 50 Consecutive Forehand drops to yourself



No.2 Level 1 - 50 Consecutive Backhand drops to yourself



No.3 Level 1 - 20 Consecutive FH drives standing behing serivce line



No.4 Level 1 - 50 Consecutive Backhand/Forehand drops to yourself



No.5 Level 1 - 50 Consecutive Backhand/Forehand corner drops to yourself



No.6 Level 1 - 20 Consecutive Backhand drives standing behing serivce line


Do not overwork muscles attempt different skills to work different muscle groups.


Log and graph your results on our skills benchmarking app

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Level 1 & 2 FREE/$30 AUD upgrade




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