Group sessions

Player involvement is very important, players do not want to stand around waiting for others to hit so if you can keep them involved as much as possible the session will be engaging and fun.

Hitting with movement

Keeping all players involved, players rotate through each station adter 30 seconds.

From the base court movements pick a skill and add a ball then have the other players utalize the available court space with activities or exercises.

Side - side base movement


Backhand drop


Backhand drive


"Movement is critical to get the best ball to body position allowing good hitting technique to develop quickly"


Back court backhand base movement


Back court forehand base movement


Develop strength and muscle capability

All movements may not be done correctly at first but continual correction will have players develop ability quickly.



Be very careful practicing movement patterns, you may be locking in poor movement actions which often delivers a lack of power and options when hitting.



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