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Salming Challenge Pathway

The aim is to provide a series of challenges that get progressively harder and often with real learning outcomes as part of the requirement succeed all fully controlled by the local coach or parent.


"This program does not teach players how to swing it provides continual skill challenges and continual reward for achieving small goals."


  • No cost
  • You are in control
  • Challenges for each players level
  • Full sample videos
  • Posters
  • Badges and Certificates
  • App support which is not essential for the program
  • Can be run by parents as part of a structured coaching program


    There are two main sections to the pathway

  • Core skills for new players
  • Level skills for players of all standards

    Core skills for new players

    There are 54 challenges with three sections and three stages to progress through in each section.


  • Core skills Racquet hitting skills

  • Core skills Court Movement

  • Core skills Target Hitting

    When players achieve each stage for each skill set they are awarded the Shield Certificate

    The skills are in a logical progression which coaches can use to progress players and work on problem tasks until they are proficient.

    "Shield certificates can be branded with your club and logo"



    Level skills for players of all standards

    "All players regardless of standard should complete every skill. Skills become quite difficult requiring training to pass each challenge"



    The program is quite simple, there is set tasks to achieve (around 250) with posters for the centre, digital badges and certificates for reward and Google drive on your network to store all achievements.


    Three Skill areas to master

  • Racquet hitting skills
  • Court Movement
  • Target Hitting

    Each of these will have its own path for improvement and each have their own posters showing the pathway. Over 250 challenges.


    Task Posters

    The posters are displayed at the centre and describe the task and number of ok hits. There are individual posters for each series of skills.



    The badges are digital and are awarded by the local coaches when players achieve an acceptable outcome for each skill.



    The certificates are awarded when all of the level skills are achieved. They can have your club logo added and be printed out


    App support

    We have an app which is not a requirement to run this program but will allow players to see the progression and record their results on a graph and includes so much more. Level 1 & 2 are free and there is a small cost to upgrade to level 10 if you wish. This will give you challenges for your whole squash life motivating you to achieve personal goals.


    We do not run this program, you run it with your coaches and parents, we just supply the tasks and progression. You may like to have your coach run as usual and the parents asses players and encourage players to achieve the set skills. All information will be available in editable format so you can brand it with your club or academy.

    We have provided this resource at no cost to help all clubs develop no matter their demographic disadvantages or their access to quality coaching resource. We do not require anything from you other than to have the and Salming logo on all promotional material using this program.

    You will notice the skills are not easy to achieve, this has been done deliberately as any badge or certificate will be earned not given away.

    This program is Salming and's gift to the squash world putting a quality system empowering local coaches and coordinators to run successful and enjoyable squash programs. Thank you for taking the time to review this program, please contact Garry if you have any questions.



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