Squash IQ - Base level skills

Base swing and movement to elite development skills pathway

This skills pathway aims to give you a planned order of skills to learn that will evolve as you develop strength and range of movement.

Your swing and movement will change as you progress, so depending on your standard you need to concentrate on different swing paths and movements to get better higher quality results.

Please review all sections as there are critical skills that are required as prerequisites for fully understanding and performing most skills, this is why there is a pathway for recommended learning of skills.


Base Level

General swing as well as building strength and range of movement

Introduction - Key basics

It all starts with movement

Your foundation is critical

General swing

Base level Backhand drive

Base level Forehand drive

Common problems

Forehand base volley

Backhand base volley

Forehand base boast

Backhand base boast

Forehand base drop

Backhand base drop

Base level serve and return

Base level Game plan


Development Level

Angles and cut for kill and using energy wisely incorporating flow into core movements

Critical Skills Check list

Stuff you should know to progress to the development level - quick check list

Advanced Level

Power of transitioning weight incorporating dynamic swing for power and efficiency

Elite Level

Analyzing current outcomes and developing a clear plan to improve deficiencies and optimize strengths





Learn and train with us

Training ideas - videos show the task and the benefits

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