Squash IQ - Base level skills

Base swing and movement to elite development skills pathway


Development level

Skills check list to move to the development level

If you do not have a good understanding and general capability in the following skills please review the base level section.


You will need these skills to be capable in the development level


Do you know how to PUNCH DRIVE?


Do you have an early compact preparation?


Do you store energy in your body prior to your swing?


Do you PUNCH your deep volley?


Do you cut across your standard drop?


Do you have a base game plan?


Can you boast without stepping to the side wall?


Can you land the ball in the service box consistently when driving?


Can you boast the ball out of the back corners?


Can you complete the base movements with balance, timing and flow?


Can you return serve straight consistently from both sides?


If you are unsure of any of the above skills please take the time to review the relevant section, it may cost you a little time but it will speed up your development with many of the skills required for the new skills you will learn in the development level.


The single most important skill from the base level was the PUNCH DRIVE, this is extensively used moving forward in this development pathway.


Squash IQ - Base level skills

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