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Watch videos on specific skills with varying levels of difficulty whenever you like.


Here is a sample technical skills video

Forehand Volley Kill - Bent arm to straight arm

Keep it simple and minimize the total amount of movement in your swing

As you can see we are different to other sites breaking down high level skills into easy to understand learning methods which comes from 40 years of coaching expreience.

The first step to improvement is knowledge.


We teach core muscle hitting which reduces your swing and makes you powerful and very accurate using little energy and helps you come off the ball quickly for a good court position on the next shot.


Movement is one of our key areas, we use any foot anywhere although there is always a preferred foot and all is comprehensively covered in our "Move Like a Pro" series and "My Squash IQ" resource.


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There is so much information here no matter your standard and you can learn at your own pace.


The first step to improvement is knowledge.



This has been built over the past 14 years so the content is extensive.



We specialize in tachnical skills and find the personal video lessons help us understand the key areas players are looking to improve so as a bonus you get 3 Personal Video Lessons valued at $60 each and this alone has the potential to change your swing forever.


The first step to improvement is knowledge.


We have plenty to help you train at the courts or at home with many inovative challenging modules and guided training sessions.


If you like to learn skills in a recommended order our latest inclusion to the Premium Club will give you a complete pathway of skills in order from beginner to elite in an online course format all included in your membership.


The information is delivered in written form, video, diagrams and audio insights, so no matter how you best retain information you will understand the key points to improving your game.


The first step to improvement is knowledge.


So with your Premium membership you get Videos on Demand, in fact you get the lot with no restricted areas on the site at an unbelieveble price.


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Quality information for continual improvement


The first step to improvement is knowledge.

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