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Squash Technique Improvement Videos

Technique and energy usage explained for players of any standard to completely understand our proven methods to improve movement and amazing racquet ability - GUARANTEED



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Sample Referee Video

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You make the call then we show you the correct call and explain why

Experienced coaches

Sample Online Squash Camp video - FH Volley

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Keep it simple and minimize the total amount of movement in your swing

Sample Videobyte - Standard BH Volley

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See how the Pro's get the amazing outcomes in slow motion and analytical tools.

Sample Game Plan video

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Video is simply the best way to learn more about your Game Plan, increase your understanding of shot choices.

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  • Racquet Ability instructional videos.
  • Strength videos.
  • Consistency videos.
  • Court Movement videos.
  • Game Plan videos.
  • You record your results which are saved on your personal dashboard.

  • First 2 levels are FREE

  • Critical Skills videos - You record your outcomes

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    "My buddies who are watching the videos are improving quite rapidly. I am certain that when I get hold of court movement, I will enjoy the game so much more."

    Ed Schmidt - Alaska

    Premium club and 5 star training plan members get one included video analysis lesson comparing you to a top line player.

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