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Match Results Log

Track match results with all your opponents and even keep notes for next time you meet.


Hundreds of Individual Chalenges that will find your limit no matter your standard.

View your progress and achieve Certificates for each level.


Technical skills Podcast, Animated Routines and Training Games with result capability.


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100 New Power Circuit training challenges for all Levels

Level 7 - complete 7 sets of the circuit and record your total time

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We have a Skills Bench Mark to identify talented players.

Your ability can be measured relative to age or years of play.

... you will always have plenty of challenges when practising alone

This is used by Clubs and associations to set minimum standards for representative players and to identify talent.

The difficulty is very high to inspire elite standard skills at the age of 16.

There are bonus Routines with 30 included in the Level 3 - 6 app when released

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Technical advice to improve your swing




This is a technical skills program not a fitness program and it is changing the way players develop base skills accelerating development.

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Improvement starts with knowledge

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6-Week structured video analysis package

6-Week video analysis swing package
Backhand or forehand drive
Home training sessions
Deliberate practice sessions
Video analysis every week
Guaranteed improvement
12 month web site membership
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Video Analysis Package

Improvement at your pace

10 Video analysis session package
Your choice of skills for analysis
Game plan uses 3 x analysis sessions
12 month web site membership
Includes Referee videos
Your own Dashboard
Critical Skills
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Most popular package

Premium Membership

15 month Web site Membership
Includes improvement videos
Includes Referee videos
Your own Dashboard
Critical Skills
My Squash IQ book series
Coach Development
Squashfit sessions
Full site access
Personal Video Analysis x 3
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RRP is $149.95

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We offer complete game improvement

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Referee videos
Online Squash Camp
5 Star Training Plan
Online Training
Premium Club
Game Plan section
Training Games
My Squash IQ book series
Coach Development
Squashfit sessions




Improvement starts with knowledge







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