The first step to improvement is knowledge

Personal Video Analysis

This is a technical skills program not a fitness program and it is changing the way players develop base skills accelerating development.


Most sports use video analysis to speed up development.

The good news is that it is the most cost effective method of developing skills available due to no travel and use of available time.

We have managed to fine tune quality outcomes and keep the individual video analysis lessons as low as $10 per session.


Check out this sample 10 minute lesson in fast forward condensed to 40 seconds


You get the highest quality advice and you can watch it over to fully understand all aspects of the technique and you have a record of your development.

The first step to improvement is knowledge

How it works.

Send in a video of 4 swings at full pace on or off the court with or without a ball.


We compare you to a pro hitting at the same time in slow motion.

We use diagnostic tools to show body angles and swing paths.

We also use naration and produce a video of key points for improvement for your swing.

You get up to 4 key points to improve shown in detail as we click and talk through your movement.

You train the new techniques and send in another video of 4 swings and we analyze the swing giving you the next 4 most important areas to improve.

The results are amazing and best of all the knowledge of why things work and how small changes will impact your game will be with you forever.

The lessons range from 10 - 20 minutes and totally individualised to your most important areas of improvement.


The first step to improvement is knowledge

Video analysis Packages


Our most popular packages are the set Backhand or Forehand base swing 6-week programs.


These come with weekly training sessions to train at home as well as weekly deliberate practice sessions to be done daily.

This makes training very cost effective and very beneficial as you only practice the best movements under instruction and the retention is improved greatly.

There are other benefits where you can train as often as you like at no extra cost and reinforce the movements until they become natural.


The first step to improvement is knowledge

10 Session Video analysis Packages

Once we have developed the base swings we move to 10 lesson packages working on different shots not setting any amount of video sessions and moving on when you are happy with your outcomes.


We work on any and all shots from return of serve to getting the ball out of the back corners.

The benefit of seeing your swing in direct comparrison and at the same time side by side as the Pro's makes it easy to understand the improvements required.

This training is not for everyone but those that take to it love it and improve very quickly.


The first step to improvement is knowledge

Game Plan Packages

Video analysis of your matches is amazing changing the way you think and how you play.


From targets to movement and preparation, everything is very clear when you see yourself play and have a professional coach explain areas to work on.

It is far more time consuming to put together Game plan analysis and therefore we charge 3 sessions of a 10 lesson block so each game plan video costs $30.

Game plan videos usually go for 20 minutes plus so it is great to sit back with a coffee and review your game plan analysis when it suits you and often you will need to go over each one several times to take all the information in completely.



We guarantee significant improvement or your money back

Grab one of the training packages below

Improvement starts with knowledge

Sample Referee Video


Option 1

6-Week structured video analysis package

6-Week video analysis swing package
Backhand or forehand drive
Home training sessions
Deliberate practice sessions
Video analysis every week
Guaranteed improvement
12 month web site membership
33% off
RRP is $150 AUD

$100 AUD


Sample Videobyte


Option 2

Video Analysis Package

Improvement at your pace

10 Video analysis session package
Your choice of skills for analysis
Game plan uses 3 x analysis sessions
12 month web site membership
Includes Referee videos
Your own Dashboard
Critical Skills
Get the lot
80% off
RRP is $550

$110 AUD


Sample Online Squash Camp


Option 3

Most popular package

Premium Membership

15 month Web site Membership
Includes improvement videos
Includes Referee videos
Your own Dashboard
Critical Skills
My Squash IQ book series
Coach Development
Squashfit sessions
Full site access
Personal Video Analysis x 3
50% off
RRP is $149.95

$74.95 AUD - $55 USD


Sample Premium Training video


We offer complete game improvement

Videobytes to your inbox
Referee videos
Online Squash Camp
5 Star Training Plan
Online Training
Premium Club
Game Plan section
Training Games
My Squash IQ book series
Coach Development
Squashfit sessions




Improvement starts with knowledge







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