Personal Video Analysis

Powerful Analysis

We use the best software available to output a clear understanding of all the components of your swing. Slow motion movement and the ability to step forward and backward frame by frame gives a clear understanding of actual movements and outcomes.

Drawing tools allow a clear understanding of your movement through all frames of your swing

The ability to overlay a top line player over your swing and step through your motion

Measure angles for body turn and balance and even calculate the ball speed of your hit

Split screen allows you to see your swing in slow motion as our Pro swings in time with you

Your report will be in video format with voice over as your swing is player in slow motion and rewound frame by frame while making full use of the diagnostic tools.

All information and Videos on this site are the property of and is not to be reproduced without concent. All coaching Tips are general advice explaining methods of playing and learning, you should see your local Coach or Trainer for advice that suits your individual style. Squash Analysis uses cookies to store and receive identifiers and other information on computers, phones, and other devices.
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