Video Quality

You will be able to get the desired result quickly and easily by using your Phone or Video camera to capture images, the most important part is the analysis and what you learn from your lesson.

If you have access to a high quality camera the results will be slightly clearer but often they require greater set up and save to a larger file size limiting the ease of transfer of the file. Larger files should be posted on Youtube as unlisted for privacy and a link sent.

Below are samples of the quality output of each device.

For personal Video lessons we believe your iphone , ipad or Video camera are more than good enough, it is all about our coaches knowledge being passed on to you with a clear understanding for you on how to improve.

Phone / iphone

HD Video 320p

up to 30 frames per sec



Video Camera

HD Video 320p MOD File

up to 30 frames per sec

1.6mb for 20 seconds of footage (6 swings)



Tablet / ipad

HD Video 576p MOV File

up to 30 frames per sec

10.25mb for 20 seconds of footage (6 swings)





Sony Action Camera

HD Video 720p

up to 120 frames per sec

Demo taken at 60 frames per sec to limit size with acceptable result

Take video of your swing ( up to 10 swings ) with your iphone, ipad, video camera or other recording device and send it in and we do the rest.

All information and Videos on this site are the property of and is not to be reproduced without concent. All coaching Tips are general advice explaining methods of playing and learning, you should see your local Coach or Trainer for advice that suits your individual style. Squash Analysis uses cookies to store and receive identifiers and other information on computers, phones, and other devices.
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